Chargers News · Captain Solis

Jacob Solis is a senior trying to make the best of his final year and season for the Clark’s Boys Varsity Soccer team. Jacob has been playing for the Clark Soccer team for four years, stepping up to be captain of the team and lead them to success. Jacob is always lifting up everyone and telling his teammates how they need to improve and what they can do better in the games . He is a dedicated player who is willing to give it his all every practice and every game and will continue to improve his skills on the field.


How do you handle stress and pressure?

“On game days I handle stress and pressure by just thinking of the game as a scrimmage and focusing on playing the game.”


What do you need most from your coach to ensure you’re giving 100% to achieve your goals?

“Well, from my coach I really would like for him to give me advice during the game and at practice and to give me confidence to lead the team”.


How do you measure success?

“I don’t measure success by wins, success is way more in terms of playing as a team, playing with effort and giving it all 100%


photo and Article by: Abel Bruk & Anthony Escorcia