Boys Varsity Soccer · Moises = Total Commitment

Moises Talavera is a Junior playing on the Clark Chargers soccer team. He’s one of the Clark Chargers key players this season with his sensational work ethic and dedication, he hopes to score lot’s of goals this season. He’s one of Clark’s best forwards with his clinical strikes and amazing assists that he gives his teammates. Moises is willing to push his limits and would do anything to succeed individually as well as succeed with the team. Moises is always putting in hard work in both practices and games. He gives it his all on the field and pushes his team mates to their limits so they can become a better version of themselves as well. Moises is like a second captain to the team, his leadership and integrity are what makes him so valuable to the team.


Q & A

How do you help yourself keep a positive mindset?

” I always have a positive mindset because I have to be an example to my teammates so they can have a positive mindset as well and so we can play as an amazing team  ”

How do you think the season will turn out ? 

” I believe we are going to have a spectacular  season, we will improve as a team and eventually make the playoffs.  ”

How do you prepare before a game ? 

“I usually prepare for an important game by listening to music to keep me calm and relaxed and I keep a strong mindset because it’s important for me to do well in important games, as well as to get 3 points for the team .”

Photo & Article by : Anthony Escorcia & Abel Bruk