Chargers News · Clark’s Superior Soccer Player

Flavio Escobar has been very essential for Clark’s Chargers Varsity Soccer team being one of the best on the team, Flavio has a great potential to be one of the top scores for Clark, When playing he is fighting for the ball,coming back to defense, attacking the opponents and pressuring them to make a mistake, giving good balls to his teammates and doing his best to help his teammates which encourages his team to play harder and to fight till they have won.

He is the definition of commitment and hard work in the games he does everything he can to make sure his team is winning or for his team to have possession of the ball. When playing forward, Flavio makes great runs and gets into open space so he can receive the ball from his teammates, he has a great finishing touch and is such an outstanding player, he is the player that everyone keeps an eye on.



who do you look up to and why?

“I look up too my mom cause she was the one that gave me life and she played soccer as well as, a kid she helped me a lot in soccer”

what is your all ultimate goal dealing with this sport?

” My ultimate goal is to be a better player and to hopefully earn scholarships to go to college and to become one of the best players”

How do you stay focused in big games ? 

” I usually mentally and physically prepare my self by staying calm and just putting all my hard work and commitment into every game and i tend to play the game how i always play it ”

Photo and Article By: Abel Bruk & Anthony Escorcia