Chargers News · Rocky with the Lucky Advantage

Rocky Klopfenstein is one of Clark’s freshman tennis players that definitely brings a lot of joy to the game of tennis. During our interview, Rocky seemed to be a very bright yet goofy person. He made us laugh and he became comfortable with us very quickly. He gave us some amazing answers and remained very honest throughout the interview.

This is Rocky’s first year playing tennis and he definitely plans on playing tennis all 4 years. While we were taking photos, Rocky said “cheese” and posed for the photo below.

Have you played tennis for other schools or outside of this year?

-“I’ve played tennis before at a club it was called BTC…it’s like a training area.”

How’s your bond with your team mates?

-“Its strong, we go out and do stuff after school and outside of school.”

Do you have any favorite tennis players?

-“Roger Federer…he is a really famous tennis player.”

What are your weakness and strong points?

-“My weakness is probably my backhand and my strong point is my forehand.”

How do you react when you perform poorly?

-“I feel kinda disappointed and try to focus on what I did badly.”

How long have been playing tennis?

-“I’ve been playing tennis for 4 years…since I was 10 years old.”

Do you play any other sports?

-“I only play tennis. I enjoy other sports but I’m only competitive in tennis.”

Are you going to join tennis next year?

– “Yeah , I’m going to do all 4 years.’ 

Would you go to college for tennis or pro?

-“No definitely not , don’t wanna play tennis in college its just a fun thing to do now.”

By: Kimberly Medina , Daniela Mendoza, and Titiyana Mc Neal