Chargers News · Kearney is the Key

Ian Kearney is one of the best midfielders out on the soccer field for Clark Chargers Varsity team. Ian is a very talented key player in the midfield, the way he controls the pace of the game and how he runs up and down the field is just incredible. In the games, whenever he loses the ball he immediately goes back and fights for it to recover his mistake and he never hesitates. When he gets the ball he always tries to find the best person to pass it to. Ian always has an amazing  performance in and out of the games. Overall, his commitment to this sport will take him to playing soccer on the college level or even as a pro.


Who do you wish was watching you in every match you have?

” I wish my parents were watching me because they give me confidence and them being there makes me want to play harder.”

Where do you see yourself in the future ?

” I see my self playing with a Division one team , and hopefully one day playing in Europe .”

Who is the sports icon that has influenced you the most ?

”  Zinedine Zidane because he was a huge inspiration , the way he controls the game and is just so critical in the field is absolutely amazing.”

Article & Photo by : Abel Bruk , Anthony Escorcia