Chargers News · Seniors Approaching the Finish Line

We interviewed the seniors of the Girls Cross Country team. They recently competed in the 39th Annual Wood-Bridge Cross Country Classic in California. The girls all did well.

Lina Gonzalez just came back from an ankle injury to compete in the JV race while Gwen, Patricia, and Esmerelda competed in the 11/12 novice varsity race. The team has been down a few runners; three girls have been hurt and are now returning from their injuries.

During the interview with the senior runners, we asked them what kind of advice would they give to incoming runners.

Thea- “Keep pushing through; as the years go by, keep pushing no matter what. You got this!”

Patricia- “Go to every practice! Trust me it helps, and drink a lot of water.”

Esmerelda- “Just keep on pushing; its hard in the beginning but if you keep on going, you’re going to do better, and you’ll feel good about yourself.”

Gwen- “Running gets easier the more you do it…kind of.”

Lina- “Anyone can run; you just have to be dedicated to it, and stretch all the time or you’re going to get injured very easily!”



Article By: AL’ynnay Godfrey, Jasmine Stewart, Izabella Lopez

Photo By: Izabella Lopez