Chargers News · Gabriela Oliva – Flag Football

How do you feel your season is going?

-“So far my season has gone well. in the beginning it was a rough start, but now it’s getting better.”

How do you feel about your performances in games?

-“During games, I feel like I give 100 percent, but the most important thing is to keep my teammates together and not be nervous”

Do you plan on doing flag football for all four years?

-“Yes, I love flag football with all my heart. it is my PASSION my SOUL my AIR. So yes I do plan on doing it all four years”

What do you enjoy most about flag football and why?

-“What I enjoy the most is that the whole team is like a family since I’ve never been part of a family like that before and we all connect even the coaches. The coaches are like our dads.”

Why did you choose flag football and not another sport?

-“I like football the most out of any sport and wanted to play it in high school.”

By Daniela Mendoza and Kimberly Medina