Chargers News · Janet Adame – Varsity Flag’s Most Inspiring Player

Janet Adame, senior varsity flag player is a very humble and influential person. She is not one to take all the credit for herself and values teamwork a lot. During the interview she was very honest and open with her views on the team. Playing flag football is nothing but good vibes for her. Janet is a senior so after this year we won’t have the pleasure of watching her impeccable skills on the Chargers flag football field.

  • How are you and the team performing this season?

A: My team and I are doing pretty well since we are undefeated within the league.

  •  What teams have you played?

A: We have played a lot of teams such as Desert Oasis, Gorman, and Sierra Vista.

  • What position do you play?

A: I’m the center for offense.

  • How is the team getting along and working together?

A: We all just have a connection and we joke around from time to time. Plus we are all friends.

  • How does your team perform during practice?

A: We perform very well because it shows within our games when we go out there and dominate.

  • How do your teammates make practice fun?

A: The way that we all get along and crack jokes to have our laughs, but we still remain focused.

  • How do you feel when you have played a game very well?

A: I feel good because if I do well then I feel like the rest of my team did well. 

  • How do you feel when you perform poorly?

A: Just like everyone else I feel bad when I perform poorly, but I try to keep in mind that it’s not all about me and that it’s the way we performed as a team.

  • Have you ever been benched before?

A: I have, but that would only be because I was injured. 

  •  Are you interested in playing next year?

A:  My best year would be my sophomore year because the game was still fresh to me. Last year I was injured and this year I haven’t really got to reflect on myself.

  • Why do you like being a part of the team?

A: I like being a part of the team because we all feel like a big family and I love the bond we have. The vibes are good and we have so much fun together.

  •  Who do you wish was watching you play at every game?

A: My parents I love having them come and support me.

  •  Who on the team do you think is your match?

 A: My quarterback, Jay, because since I am the center I snap to her and we are best friends.

  •  How do you feel when you hear your name and accomplishments over the morning announcements?

A: I feel good because something I did well in the game was recognized. 

  •  What is your favorite route or play? 

A: My favorite route is a post and my favorite play is one of our trips.

Submitted by: Titiyana Mc Neal