Chargers News · Savannah Bentley Smith

Savannah is a basketball player here at Clark High school. She is a great player and and a person who cares about her teammates and gives her  all on the Court. We had the chance to interview her and she is a really sweet person who is very determined.

Here is the interview :

What position do you play ?

– I play forward.

How do you feel when you perform poorly ?

 I feel bad but then I get input from my teammates and coach and it motivates me to do better. 

Do you plan to continue playing basketball after school ?

Yes , I do. 

How would your teammates describe you?

 – They would describe me as a fun person but when it comes to playing I tend to get serious. 

If you were the captain what would you change ?

 If I was team captain, I would make sure that we are more unified before and after we play , because I think team bonding is really important.

How would you describe your playing skills ?

 I have pretty good playing skills but there are some things that I could improve on, like ball handling and jump shots.

What does practice consist of ?

– Practice consists  of conditioning and going over our plays. 

What is your greatest strength ?

My greatest strength is probably defense because I play really aggressively.

Greatest weaknesses ?

– Ball-handling.

How did you get into playing basketball  ?

 At first I started playing because I was asked. Since I was one of the tallest people in middle school, I tried it out and fell in love with it 

Would you say that teamwork is important ?

I think it’s super important because someone can be the best  player out there but it doesn’t really matter if there’s no teamwork.

In your opinion, what are some important characteristics and skills necessary to be a good basketball player ?

 They have to be super dependable and agile and know how to listen when something needs to be corrected. 

What greatest life lesson have you learned from basketball ?

– I’ve  learned that everything isn’t just about one person, its about a whole team. 

How do you want to be remembered…as a basketball player ?

– I want to be known for being a really good teammate and for having good defense. 


By: Crystina Muro and Jennifer Rodriguez