Chargers News · All About Z

  Zeke Dent also know as Z, is a Junior on the Clark JV basketball team. He’s been playing basketball since he was 7 and really enjoys it. This season was a hard one for the Chargers basketball team, but Z is looking forward to the next season. He says he is ”still adjusting to the new coaching” and is ”ready to learn new skills”. After the past few games, Z said ”The boys are starting to develop a bond with each other and the new coaches”. Next season they will be focusing on state.

Here are some few questions we asked Z about basketball.

  • -What number are you? 


  • -Why do you like playing basketball?

“Since I was a kid my dad had an big influence on me cause he played basketball…I play for him.”

  • -How long have you been playing basketball?  

” 7 years and counting”

  • -How do you hype yourself up before a game?

”In the locker room we get lit for like the 1st hour and then the last 30 mins we get focused.”

  • -Why do you like being on a team sport?

”For me it’s about the chemistry and building a bond with my teammates, so we can be more off the court.”

  • -Where do you see yourself your senior year?

”play basketball and varsity”

  • -Do you have any family members that played here?

” Yes, my sister used to play for Clark and she is also why I play here.”


Written by; Isis Jenkins, Emily Gonzalez, Sharrah Gaces.